Software Engineering Services

At Lekman Consulting, our decades-long journey in software engineering is more than just about coding; it’s about elevating your software projects to new heights of efficiency and innovation. We have a proven track record in building and expanding dynamic development teams, both in-house and offshore, across various high-profile projects.

Solution Architecture as a Catalyst for Success: Recognizing the crucial role of a solution architect, we focus on integrating this expertise into your team. Our approach not only improves the quality and accelerates time to market but also fosters innovation and brings structured governance to the entire software development lifecycle.

Optimizing Team Structure and Workflow Coordination: We believe the core success factor in software engineering lies in a well-structured team with seamless task workflow coordination. Our methods in strengthening team dynamics include best practice processes, pair programming, on-site knowledge transfer, and controlled quality assurance.

Advanced Quality Assurance and Compliance Practices: We are adept in implementing rigorous quality assurance processes, automated static code analysis, and compliance-based solution reviews. This ensures not only high-quality outputs but also adherence to industry standards and best practices.

Comprehensive Technology Coverage: Our expertise extends across multiple platforms and languages, specializing in front-end development with JavaScript frameworks like React, and backend development using .NET C#, Node.js, and other modern languages. We have moved beyond Java to embrace more versatile and innovative technologies.

Accredited Training and Knowledge Ramp-Up: Our commitment to continuous learning is exemplified in our intensive training programs. As part of the Microsoft Certified Trainer program, we offer access to a comprehensive course catalogue, ensuring your team stays ahead in the ever-evolving world of software engineering.

Transform Your Software Engineering Journey: Partner with Lekman Consulting and let us infuse architectural excellence into your software engineering projects. Experience how our strategic guidance can translate into tangible benefits like improved quality, faster market readiness, and a culture of innovation and compliance in your software development endeavors.

.NET AND AZURE Development

Our team has 25 years experience of working with .NET, C# and the surrounding development tools. We can assist with skill transfer, training, analysis and core reviews.

React and Microservices

We can help your front-end teams move from monolith applications to separated microservices using React and other MVVM libraries together with REST backend APIs.


If you are moving workloads onto the Amazon AWS cloud, then we can help your team to adopt server-less computing or securely deploy your code to container services.

Code Reviews and Static Analysis

We can set up manual reviews and automated tools that give your team feedback as they produce code. This raises quality and productivity, and provides continuous training.

How can we help?
Training and Knowledge Transfer

We can create tailor-made training plans for your team members across a vast range of expertise areas. 

Training can be scheduled in intensive week-long courses with seperate modules, which may be suitable for on-site training.

We can also provide remote learning, mentorship and QnA support for your individual team members.

Structured Development Practices

Our team has extensive experience in building and improving development teams and their processes.

We can analyse your existing skills, strengths and weaknesses. Together, we can create a vision for optimal productivity and quality. 

Our goal is for your development team to be as strong, self-sufficient and satisfied as possible.