I help organisations to optimize their daily business processes. My driver is to enable workers to improve their performance by working in a smarter, easier and more efficient manner and by shortening the timespan between actions and results. As a team, we achieve this by combining smart technology with alignment of human processes and workflows. It is the successful rollout and execution of projects like these that provide me with satisfaction in my profession.

My vision is a productivity platform that is open and transparent which can democratize the workplace; where business information is provided just-in-time and real time communication and collaboration enables us to make instant business decisions. We can get there and still address privacy, security and compliance in a cloud-first, mobile-first workplace.

Together, we form, align and execute a plan to streamline business processes across the enterprise.


Service Offerings

Architecture Planning and Design

Are you starting a new software project within Enterprise Content Management or Collaboration? You may need a thorough plan to reach your end goal. I can work with your team to provide Information Architecture schematics and strategies. I can support your IT department with an Infrastructure Architecture that provides clear guidance on your next hardware or platform rollout and maintenance. I can work with your project delivery team to create a detailed Solution Architecture that ensures that the user requirements can be met in a cost-efficient and user friendly manner.

Deployment and Planning Services

If you have decided to install and roll out SharePoint and have bought the licenses but are unsure on the next steps, then deployment and planning services is for you. I can provide you with completely or partially free services that you are entitled to as part of your license investment. Here, we plan the installation, customization and rollout of the platform and, in some cases, provide a complete customized pilot.

Health and Risk Assessments

If you have recently installed your SharePoint platform, rolled out a custom solution or launched your new intranet, you should ensure that the platform and the code is running in an optimized fashion. I can offer a health analysis and risk assessment that gives you clear guidance on how to improve any possible faults, bottlenecks or potential risks. I can also provide code and solution auditing to ensure that the solution you have, or are about to rollout is fully optimized for performance, security and compliance.

Quality Assurance for Software Platforms

If you are either starting up a new project or you are looking to release a product or platform, I can assist in ensuring a stable, production-ready release. We form a test management and quality assurance strategy, align test teams, set up both automated machine tests as well as manual user acceptance tests and manage the test process from start to end.

Skill and Knowledge Ramp-up

Are you looking to improve the technical skills of your staff? If your knowledge workers would like to learn to better utilize their productivity platforms, your in-house developers would like to learn the latest platforms and techniques or if your IT department require training in systems and platforms, I can help. I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and can provide training for end users, IT professionals and developers on a range of topics such as SharePoint for End-Users or Microsoft Official Certification Courses for SharePoint administration, SharePoint developers and programming in HTML5, jQuery, ASP.NET and MVC. I can also offer end-user training that is customized to the project rollout.