Deployment Planning Services

Deployment Planning Services provide on-site expertise to help you plan your next technology deployment. Deployment planning consultants help you evaluate how best to deploy an array of solutions and components.

We have experience with Microsoft Azure as well as Amazon AWS or Google GCP.

We can also assist your needs for hybrid cloud setups, such as running services using Azure Arc and container services.

Our team also has extensive experience in automation and controlled release of code and infrastructure. We can help to design Infrastructure-as-Code scripts, plan and execute pipelines that automatically deploys, configures and scales your IT services and components.

If you have development teams that regularly need to release code, then we can help you set up and optimize your continuous integration and deployment, or CI/CD pipelines. We help organizations move from manual to fully automated deployments in production environments. These routines help improve time-to-market, reliability and quality as they remove many sources of manual errors and can automate regression testing and fault detection.

The planning services also go hand-in-hand with architectural review services that ensures that new solutions and patterns follow well-architected guidelines.

Available Services

  • Deployment Planning Services and Design
  • Hybrid Cloud Design and Review
  • Infrastructure-as-Code Deployments
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Integration with Development Processes
  • Integration with Architectural Reviews

Deployment Planning

Our team can reduce the complexity and guide you through your next technical deployment project. We match a robust and fit-for-purpose solution to your business needs.


We can help you fully automate the deployment and configuration of services and components, both in the cloud and at on-premises hybrid data centres.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

We assist in the design and deployment of hybrid- and multi cloud solutions where you can leverage the flexibility of the cloud with the security of on-premises systems.

CI/CD Automation

We set up continuous development & deployment workflows that improve time-to-market, reliability and quality. We can automate regression testing and fault detection.

How can we help?
Design and Planning

Let our team lend their expertise to your business and leverage our existing solutions and patterns in your next project. Use our blueprint artefacts, templates and know-how to accelerate your implementation timeline and ensure that the solution follows well-architected guidelines.

Deployment and Automation

Remove the manual errors and long troubleshooting sessions by automating your deployments. We can repeatedly install and configure solutions and test them repeatedly to ensure that your project is production ready.