Deployment Planning Services

At Lekman Consulting, we specialize in transforming technology deployments into strategic business advantages. Our on-site expertise is not just about deploying solutions; it’s about empowering your organization to release business value continuously and rapidly. With proven success in deploying sophisticated solutions for industry leaders, we bring a wealth of experience in Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google GCP.

Hybrid Cloud and Advanced Infrastructure Solutions: Understanding the complexity and diversity of modern IT environments, we offer tailored solutions for hybrid cloud setups, including services using Azure Arc and container technologies. Our approach ensures that your infrastructure is not only robust but also flexible to adapt to evolving business needs.

Automation and Controlled Release Mastery: We excel in automating and controlling the release of code and infrastructure. By designing Infrastructure-as-Code scripts and executing pipelines that automatically deploy, configure, and scale IT services, we enable your business to operate more efficiently and resiliently.

CI/CD, DevOps, and SAFe Integration: Leveraging our extensive experience in Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD), DevOps practices, and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), we help organizations transition from manual processes to fully automated deployments. Our approach significantly improves time-to-market, reliability, and quality by eliminating manual errors and automating critical tasks such as regression testing and fault detection.

GitOps for Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency: Embracing GitOps principles, we streamline collaboration between development and operations teams. This integration not only accelerates deployment cycles but also ensures that releases are more consistent and reliable.

Architectural Review for Compliance with Best Practices: Our deployment planning services are complemented by architectural reviews, ensuring that new solutions adhere to well-architected guidelines. This holistic approach guarantees that your deployments are not only efficient but also strategically aligned with industry best practices.

Delivering Tangible Business Outcomes: Partner with Lekman Consulting for your deployment planning needs and experience how our expertise can decrease your time to market, increase quality, and continuously deliver enhanced value to your end customers.

Deployment Planning

Our team can reduce the complexity and guide you through your next technical deployment project. We match a robust and fit-for-purpose solution to your business needs.


We can help you fully automate the deployment and configuration of services and components, both in the cloud and at on-premises hybrid data centres.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

We assist in the design and deployment of hybrid- and multi cloud solutions where you can leverage the flexibility of the cloud with the security of on-premises systems.

CI/CD Automation

We set up continuous development & deployment workflows that improve time-to-market, reliability and quality. We can automate regression testing and fault detection.

How can we help?
Design and Planning

Let our team lend their expertise to your business and leverage our existing solutions and patterns in your next project. Use our blueprint artefacts, templates and know-how to accelerate your implementation timeline and ensure that the solution follows well-architected guidelines.

Deployment and Automation

Remove the manual errors and long troubleshooting sessions by automating your deployments. We can repeatedly install and configure solutions and test them repeatedly to ensure that your project is production ready.